Whether you're a service or a retail business, keeping on top of your sales and purchases is important. In fact, it's critical. Which is why our bookkeeping service is designed to keep your accounts up to date, month in and month out, so that you know exactly what you owe, who owes you and look after the king of business, cash-flow. What's more it'll be regularly reviewed by a fully qualified chartered accountant. Usually only big businesses get that.




So you have fully up to date accounts, but how about regular catch ups with our Managing Director, analysis of your business' performance, real-time feedback and strategic advise, bespoke reporting design to inspire and inform, and a heads up on what you'll need to pay the tax-man. We offer all this too. Just another way in which we aim to provide more than your average accountancy firm and equip you with the information you need to help your business grow.




Building your team and employing staff is exciting, but the territory comes with a lot of work in regards to processing payroll, managing expense claims, calculating holidays and ensuring you're compliant with all the latest legislation, particularly in respect of auto-enrolment, which is why we're here to help. We'll make sure you know exactly how much you need to pay your staff each month, produce your payslips, process their pensions and expense claims and track their holidays.




Reaching the VAT threshold is a real milestone for any business, but the demands of quarterly reporting, as well as the new Making Tax Digital regulations, mean keeping on top of your accounts, knowing what VAT rates are applicable to your products and services, and what VAT you can / can't reclaim is more important that ever. Which is why we perform an in-depth review of all your business transactions on a quarterly basis to make sure all is in order before submitting your return.




If you've set up a separate legal entity for your business, whether that be a limited company, a CIC or a CIO, you're required by law to prepare and submit year end company accounts in accordance with statutory requirements.

As our client, you'll receive a fully branded and beautifully designed set of company accounts, prepared in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and detailed feedback and analysis of your business' year on year performance. 




As tax is calculated in a slightly different way to profit, we utilise our in depth knowledge of your business, alongside our understanding of tax law, to prepare your company tax return and advise on any allowances available to you, as well as letting you know how much is due. 

In addition, we'll provide regular reporting on your potential tax liabilities throughout the year, helping you to keep on top of your obligations. 




Personal income can come in many forms, especially if you're self employed. Which is why our self-assessment service is focused on making sure you have a full picture of your income and, in turn, the tax due. As such, it includes a full review of your business accounts for the tax year, as well as preparation and submission of the return itself. A real one-stop shop.




Two heads are often better than one, which is why our partnership service includes a full review of your business partnerships accounts for the tax year and feedback on its performance, as well as preparation and submission of both the partnership return and your individual returns. Making sure everyone is looked after and ensuring you both know exactly where the business is at and where it has the potential to go.





Scheduled to launch in April 2020, our business club will enable small business owners who are managing their own accounts to gain access to top-quality accounting software with the added benefit of training, support and oversight of their accounts from our team on a regular basis throughout the financial year.

Members will also be able to utilise our business club space, which will boast some of the best views in the city, to update their accounts, store their files and network with other small business owners.